18th SCBA International Symposium

July 27-31, 2022 | Boston, MA


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  1. Are there discounts for registration? There are discounts for SCBA members (either academic or industrial). Please make sure that you use your email address receiving SCBA announcements to register this Symposium to receive discounts. Please visit https://www.scbasociety.org/scba-membership for details about the SCBA membership.
  2. What is the deadline for registration?The Early Bird Deadline is 11:59 pm (EST) on May 16 of 2022. After that, an additional $100 will be added to each registration category.
  3. How can I find out if my registration has been processed or if I made mistakes with registration? If your registration was submitted online, you should receive a confirmation of your registration via email. You can also email webmaster@scbasociety.org to verify registration.
  4. What is covered by the registration fee of the meeting? The registration fee includes admission to all scientific sessions, breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. If you are an SCBA member, your registration fee should cover the banquet. If you are not an SCBA member, you would need to purchase the banquet ticket at the cost of $100 on-site.
  5. Does the registration fee include the abstract fee? There is no fee for the abstract submission.
  6. Is registration available at the meeting? Yes, registration is accepted at the meeting site if space is available. If the meeting is full, no additional registrations will be allowed.
  7. What forms of payment are acceptable? We accept most credit cards. No bank to bank transfers, direct deposits or purchase orders will be accepted as payment. The registration form and payment must be received before the Early Bird Deadline in order to receive the discounted registration rate.
  8. Can you waive or defer the registration fee? This will be considered upon submitting a Financial Support Request Form by clicking “Financial Support Request” link.
  9. Can I only pay to attend specific days of the meeting? No. 
  10. Can I transfer or cancel my registration? This will be dealt with on an individual basis. Please contact webmaster@scbasociety.org.
  11. Can spouses and/or children come to the meeting? Only paid registrants can enter the meeting sessions. Exception will be made if you wish to attend your spouse’s talk; please ensure your children do not make noises during the Symposium.
  12. Can spouses and/or children attend food functions? Food banquet tickets can be purchased on-line ($100/ticket).



  1. I was unable to submit my abstract before the abstract deadline, but can I still present my work at the meeting as a poster? Poster space is limited. If there are extra poster boards available, we may be able to allow so, but this would be on a first-come first-serve basis.
  2. Can someone besides an abstract author present the poster at the Poster Session? Yes, if the presenter is registered and has paid in full to attend the meeting, he or she may display your poster and present on your behalf.
  3. What is the format of abstract submission? Can I be selected for oral presentation? A standard template in Microsoft Word can be downloaded from the Abstract submission link. All abstracts received are tentatively accepted by the Symposia for poster presentation. Organizers will review all abstract submissions and choose abstracts that are pertinent and well written to be presented orally as Short Talks. 
  4. How would I know that my abstract has been accepted? An notice of approval is will be sent by email approximately 6 weeks after the early abstract deadline. Our Program Committee will contact the abstract presenter if selected for a Short Talk. 
  5. Are all submitted abstracts viewable by meeting attendees and others? Yes, abstracts will be included in the Program book and accessible to everyone. 
  6. Can abstracts be revised once they have been submitted? No. 
  7. What is the deadline for abstract submission? Abstracts to be considered for travel award need to be submitted by May 16. Others the deadline is June 1.
  8. Can a conferee attend the Symposium without submitting an abstract? All levels of participation are welcome.
  9. How do I apply for a travel award? All abstracts submitted by May 16 will be automatically considered for travel awards.
  10. If my abstract is selected for a travel award, how do I receive it? A check will be mailed to you after the Symposium.




  1. Are there any discounts for lodging? To receive the Symposia group lodging rate, you should go to https://conference.scbasociety.org/hotels/ to book your lodging. Lodging booked through this link will ensure the group discount. Student housing is available on campus and can be booked through the hotel link.
  2. Are pets allowed in the hotel room? Please contact the hotels directly to confirm its current pet policy.
  3. How do I cancel my hotel reservation? Please call the hotel directly to obtain the cancellation policy information or to cancel your reservation. 
  4. Are there shuttle service between the Conference Center and hotels? Shuttle service will be provided for the Medford hotels. Those stay in the Cambridge hotel can take the subway. 
  5. I am a disabled attendee. Where can I get information regarding handicapped facilities at the hotel and conference center? For lodging disability accommodation and other related questions contact the hotel directly. For resources and questions about assistance with disabilities at the meeting, please contact webmaster@scbasociety.orgwith your questions. 
  6. How can I sign up for a shared room or a roommate? Each attendee is responsible for arranging their own shared accommodations reservation and for splitting the fees.
  7. Are shuttle services available?  Yes




  1. Are there any requirements for the size of posters? Currently no. Any requirement will be provided at a later time.
  2. Can the talks/poster presentations be recorded? No. 
  3. As a speaker, what am I responsible for? Speakers arrange and pay for their air travel, ground transportation and lodging. Speakers submit an abstract to the workshop chair. Speaker presentations are generally 12 minutes of lecture time and 3 minutes for Q & A for a total of 15 minutes at the podium. Speakers prepare a visual presentation to complement their oral presentation. Presentations should use Power Point or similar presentation software. Be sure to bring your laptop and all necessary cords and accessories or save your presentation on a CD or USB removable drive. We encourage all speakers to participate for the entire meeting, especially during poster sessions that provide the opportunity for interaction with attendees, students and young investigators.
  4. Do speakers reserve their own lodging? Yes, unless you have been contacted by the organizers for special arrangement.
  5. I have special speaker needs. Who do I talk to? Please e-mail webmaster@scbasociety.org.



  1. Do I need to provide vaccine records to attend the Symposium?The attendees are required to be fully vaccinated with two-dose, and preferably boosted.
  2. Do I need to wear masks at the Symposium?CDC guidelines will be followed. At the moment, masks are optional.